Terms & Conditions

From the receipt of your Nukta virtual card you become a Nukta member and can begin collecting points towards your first reward. Please take a few minutes to read the terms and conditions below, as by using your Nukta virtual Card you are agreeing to them. From this point on ‘we’ refers to Nukta ME loyalty solutions. ‘Partners’ are brands who issue Nukta and ‘reward providers’ are companies who offer goods and services in exchange for points.

1. Membership

Nukta is free to join. You can join via our website, our mobile App or through outlets. You must be resident in the GCC to be eligible to be a member of the Nukta programme

We will set up an Nukta account to record Nukta collected or spent by you.

Should any of the following events occur, we reserve the right to terminate membership and revoke any accrued Nukta points:

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

Supplying false or misleading information to us or our partners.

Abuse of any membership privileges.

If you don’t use, collect or spend Nukta for a period of twelve months.

Death or bankruptcy of the member.

2. Collecting Nukta points

Use your Nukta app and virtual card at the partner outlets before every transaction with them. Selected partners may allow you to collect Nukta for telephone or internet purchases, please ensure to check with the chosen partner before placing your order. In these instances you must quote your Nukta card number at the time of ordering upon confirming eligibility with the partner.

Our website and your account will show updates of your account balance including Nukta collected and spent. We will correct your Nukta account if we are satisfied that it is inaccurate; our decision is final.

3. Personal Information

For details regarding your data and privacy, please read our full privacy policy For details regarding your data and privacy, please read our full privacy policy

4. General

We reserve the right at any time and without prior notice:

To change these terms and conditions, the qualifying goods and services, the reward portfolio and our partners

To suspend or terminate the Nukta programme

We will notify you of changes to your Nukta account via email.

Nukta have no monetary value and cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these terms and conditions.

We cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or unauthorised use of a Nukta virtual Card or reward, whether in the course of delivery or otherwise.

All conditions and warranties, whether expressed or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any reward supplied are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability that cannot be fully excluded is limited, where permitted, to replacing, repairing or crediting the value of the reward at our discretion.

All exclusions and limitations of liability in these terms and conditions apply for our security and the benefit of all partners and reward providers.

Partners and reward providers do not have any authority, expressed or implied, to make any representation or warranty on our behalf.

5. Transfer of Nukta

Nukta are personal to your Nukta account and cannot normally be transferred. However, a n account holder can merge the Nukta with another account by submitting the evident documents signed along with ID copies. This will be done at our discretion.

6. Nukta points Expiry

Three Year Nukta Expiry Policy

Nukta have a three-year Expiry Policy, which runs from January each year. e.g. All Nukta earned up to 31st December 2018 will be subject to expiry on 31st December 2021.

Twelve-month Inactive Account Expiry Policy

We may close any Nukta account on which no Nukta have been collected or redeemed for a continuous period of 12 months. Upon account closure, any Nukta in such account will expire.

7. Rewards Terms and Conditions

Nukta will maintain a catalogue of rewards on specifying the partners where these rewards are redeemable with Nukta.

Only account members with a registered Nukta account are able to redeem for Nukta rewards.

Reward options may be withdrawn or amended without prior notice.

Rewards prices may be amended at any time.

Rewards are subject to availability, suppliers’ warranties and restrictions at the time of redemption.

At the time of redemption, the Nukta balance must be at least equal to the total Nukta value of the reward being redeemed.

Nukta will automatically be deducted from the members account at the time of redemption.

Upon redemption, the Nukta member will directly enter into a sale / purchase relationship with the concerned supplier of the Nukta rewards. Members agree that Nukta can pass their name, account number, address / email address and contact number to the relevant reward supplier where required for them to fulfill the redemption.

Nukta rewards can only be redeemed in the country registered by the Nukta member.

Reward vouchers are issued by Nukta for use at the specified reward provider.

Reward vouchers are valid for 6 months for the date issued as shown on the Voucher and are not valid beyond this date.

Reward vouchers can be used towards purchases at participating reward provider outlets to the value mentioned, or in exchange for the specific reward mentioned on the reward voucher.

Reward vouchers must be signed by the “Recipient” and must be presented at the time of purchase.

Reward vouchers with a monetary value can be used as part payment. If the price of the purchase exceeds this value, the balance must be paid on purchase. If the price of the purchase is less than the value of the reward vouchers, no change will be given.

More than one reward voucher can be used per transaction.

Reward vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

Reward vouchers may not be applicable for certain goods or services. Please check with the reward provider for any exclusions.

Damaged, defaced or photocopied vouchers will not be accepted.

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash nor sold or transferred for value.

Reward vouchers are non cancellable and non refundable and cannot be exchanged for Nukta, cash or other rewards.

Nukta or the reward provider is not responsible if reward vouchers are lost, stolen or used without permission.

Vouchers remain the property of Nukta.

The goods or services purchased using reward vouchers are the responsibility of the rewards provider and not Nukta.

Reward provider standard terms and conditions also apply.

8. Your Privacy

As the operator of the Nukta programme in the Middle East we recognise your trust is fundamental to the value of the programme, therefore we are committed to protecting your privacy.

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information has always been a fundamental principle in our relationship with you, our partners and reward providers.

This privacy commitment demonstrates how we will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the information you entrust us with.

9. What information will we use?

By participating in the Nukta programme, you consent that we will collect, process and use information about you. This information includes your registration details, information about the use of your Nukta Card, shopping purchases and other information that you give us (together "your information").

This information will allow us to administer the Nukta programme - including the management of member accounts, to accurately record and update Nukta balances including spending of Nukta

Periodically you may be asked to provide additional personal information via market research or surveys (‘member information’). Your ‘member information’ is processed and stored in secure and confidential databases in the EU. If you choose not to provide this information, it will not affect your ability to collect or spend Nukta.

10. How will your information be used?

Your information may be analysed to see how you use the Nukta programme, to understand your shopping behaviour and to send you (and/or additional members on your account) information and offers for the products or services which are most likely to interest you.

You automatically agree to receive these communications in order to enjoy the benefits of participating in Nukta, upon joining the Nukta programme.

11. Who will we share your information with?

We will only share your information within the Nukta , companies participating in the Nukta programme and their group companies and companies contracted to process and manage your transactions, Nukta spend requests and communications. A list of Nukta participating companies is available at

We protect your information, our business depends on it.

We do not give, rent or sell member lists from the Nukta programme to any organisation or individual other than business units of Nukta, partners, reward providers and companies contracted to process and manage your transactions, Nukta spend requests and communications.

You may contact us by logging into our website or by contacting the Nukta call centre. We may record your calls to check the quality of our services for training, audit or security purposes.

You may contact us by logging into our website or by contacting the Nukta support service.